Outdoor Studio offers camping trips where artists, creatives and entrepreneurs can create and connect in the great Canadian outdoors. Here are the core pillars of our trips:  



What’s a camping trip without getting down and dirty with nature? Partnering with local partners and guides, there will be an opportunity to play outdoors with activities, like hiking, yoga, or stand up paddle boarding. Get ready for the full camping experience where we’ll sleep under the stars and cook over the campfire together.



We believe that inspiration is everywhere and can be found in everyone around us. That’s why we bring together creators of all kinds - from traditional artists to entrepreneurs, to connect and share ideas.  



Each participant will have dedicated solo studio time to immerse themselves in nature to explore and work on a personal creative project during the trip. Projects can be anything at all, from fashion designs, paintings, installations, a new music track or business plan  – the world’s your oyster.



After completing a series of Outdoor Studio weekend trips in 2017, we will invite alumni to share and celebrate the creative projects they worked on at a showcase in early 2018.



Outdoor Studio started off as an idea that was pitched at the Think Outside Summit in September 2016, which was hosted by MEC Outdoor Nation. This project is one of three that was generously granted funds by MEC as an initiative to get more young people outside in Canada.

The four of us met at the conference and were brought together by our passion for the outdoors as creative professionals.

Working in the creative industry, one challenge we identified was that a lot of our work was done indoors. In a way, many of us felt that our work had to be done within the confines of four walls, whether we were designing on computers or painting in a studio.

That’s why we wanted to shake it up. 

Our mission is to empower creativity in the great Canadian outdoors and we want to share with you the incredible benefits of nature on creative thinking and the magical connections that can only be made around the campfire.